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Introducing the JP Pro Post Podcast

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Keeping Good Company

Breaking Stage Redux

Breaking Stage - Devil in the Details | Finding Your Man

Josh Froelich: Bite-Size Wise - Symphony of Carbine Skills | Running a Sling | Multiple Uppers/Multiple Rifles

Fresh Gun Vault - Episode 13 | Episode 14

Ruger Mag. Maintenance - WATCH NOW

How to Not Build the Wrong Rifle - Steve Foster | Chris Barret | Jesse Misco


How to Not Build the Wrong Rifle - WATCH NOW

Night and Day Difference - WATCH NOW

Grandmaster Mindset - WATCH NOW

Giving More Than You Get - WATCH NOW

SHOT Show Roundup - WATCH NOW

After Action: TTG Sniper Challenge - WATCH NOW

Hard as Hell Returns - WATCH NOW


After Action: Tactical Games 2022 - WATCH NOW

Team/Work - WATCH NOW

JP-5™ Tech Tips - TIP 1 | TIP 2 | TIP 3

Your First Precision Rifle Match - WATCH NOW

Real World Sniper Challenge - WATCH NOW


Finding Stability - Adam Burt VIDEO 1 | VIDEO 2

PCC's Cutting Edge - WATCH NOW

On the Hunt: Alaska Bear - Lanny Barnes READ NOW

Breaking Into Long Range: Steel Safari - WATCH NOW

Tried & Tested: Burris Team Challenge w/ Adam Burt and John Paul - LISTEN

Cheap Practice on the Cheap - READ NOW

Getting to Know Your Rifle - .22 LR Practice Target Transitions Competition vs. Tactical

After Action: Vortex Sniper Challenge - WATCH NOW

Starting Young - WATCH NOW

Euro JP: Raine Peltokoski - WATCH NOW

Masting the NRL Hunter Series - WATCH NOW

Extreme Field Matches - WATCH NOW

Do You Need A Kestrel? - WATCH NOW

The Road Traveled - WATCH NOW

Practice Perfect - READ NOW


PSC-21™ Dual-Charge Upper - WATCH NOW

BSR Precision Rifle Courses - WATCH NOW

Train Right: Precision .22 - WATCH NOW

Team Safari After Action - WATCH NOW

The Gun Vault - WATCH NOW

Preparing for Team Safari - WATCH NOW

Precision Rifle: Starting Local - WATCH NOW

3-Gun Triple Threat - Press Checks Transitions Zeroing

Sibling Rivalry - WATCH NOW

Leave Them Wanting More - WATCH NOW LISTEN NOW

Shaving Seconds at SCSA Area 3 - WATCH NOW

3-Gun: Tricks of the Trade - TIP ONE TIP TWO TIP THREE

Jack of All Games? - WATCH NOW

Night Vision For Beginners- READ NOW

What Is the Safari Special? - WATCH NOW

Superstition Mystery Mountain 2-Gun? - READ NOW

Long Range/Hard Mode - WATCH NOW

3-Gun: Using What's At Hand - TIP ONE | TIP TWO

The Future of PCC - WATCH NOW

Variable Mass Carriers - WATCH NOW

Design Philosophy - WATCH NOW

Hunting & Fishing - READ NOW

What is 2x4? - VIDEO

Sling Use for Precision Rifle - VIDEO


Hammers and Hogs - VIDEO

Duty Carbines: Meeting the Demands - VIDEO

Design Philosophy: APAC™ Chassis - READ NOW

The Match to Shoot: AZ PCCC - TEXT

From Strength to Strength - VIDEO

Hunting With Confidence - READ NOW

Weathering the Storm Series: Part 4 - VIDEO

Best Optics for Action PCC - VIDEO

Weathering the Storm: Peter Johnson & Dustin Sanchez - VIDEO

Lessons Learned: PCC Nationals - AUDIO

Winning Despite Yourself VIDEO | AUDIO

Making a Quarantine Connection VIDEO

Perfecting Your Coyote Hunt VIDEO

AR Upgrades 101 TEXT

Bolt vs. Gas in Precision Rifle VIDEO | AUDIO

Making Your AR Hunt: 2020 Edition TEXT

PCC in USPSA: Past, Present & Future with Mike Foley and Jake Martens VIDEO | AUDIO

The Philosophy of Optics w/ Nightforce's Sean Murphy VIDEO | AUDIO

The Tactical Games After Action Roundtable VIDEO | AUDIO

Growing Season: Building PRS Performance VIDEO | AUDIO


10x Football Field Project TEXT

VTAC Board: Build Your Own VIDEO

Vudoo/JP: Combining Forces VIDEO | AUDIO

Better Hunting Through Competition TEXT

Parenting a Junior Shooter AUDIO

Rifle Gold 2019 IPSC World Shoot AUDIO

The Ladies of the 2nd Amendment VIDEO | AUDIO

Keep Your Guns Safe VIDEO

Legends of the Tri-Gun VIDEO | AUDIO

Making a Mexican Match: .224V VIDEO

Launching a Match with Matt Fox of Valiant Gun VIDEO | AUDIO

Steel Champions 2019 World Speed Shooting Championship VIDEO | AUDIO

Rimfire Roundup VIDEO

Time to Sign Up VIDEO

The Secret of Thermo-Fit VIDEO

ShootingUSA: Building a Better Precision Gas Gun VIDEO

Are You Hard As Hell: Team JP at the 2018 Hard as Hell Utah Multigun VIDEO

ShootingUSA Budget Rifle Build VIDEO

Up On the Rooftop VIDEO

Best Bipod Drops with Teemu Rintala VIDEO

Optimal Ammo: Making a Precision Carbine with Brian Whalen VIDEO

The War on Recoil TEXT


Training Like It's Your Job with Adam Riser VIDEO | AUDIO

After Action: 2018 Fort Benning VIDEO | AUDIO

Clash of Cultures: US vs. EU Shooting Sports VIDEO | AUDIO

Back on Safari: Team JP at the 2018 Competition Dynamics Team Safari VIDEO | AUDIO

The GMR-15 Takes the Steel Challenge with Steve Foster VIDEO | AUDIO

Two Ways to Break a Stage with Dakota Overland and Riley Kropff VIDEO | AUDIO

The GMR-15 Takes the Steel Challenge with Steve Foster VIDEO | AUDIO

Two Ways to Break a Stage with Dakota Overland and Riley Kropff VIDEO | AUDIO

New to the Game: Task Force Dagger 3-Gun with Alex Freeman VIDEO | AUDIO

RM3G Legacy with John Paul and the JP Legacy Team VIDEO | AUDIO

Rocking in the Rockies: CO 3-Gun with Dakota Overland and Riley Kropff VIDEO | AUDIO

MR-10 Mag. Mods by Trapr Swanson TEXT

He-Man and History with Kurt Nelson VIDEO | AUDIO

Behind the Scenes: Barrel Vise Clamp VIDEO

Legacy Building: Nathan Payne’s New CTR-02™ VIDEO | AUDIO

After Action: Carbine Marksman Course VIDEO

Young Guns: Dakota Overland and Riley Kropff at the Missouri 3-Gun VIDEO

Oil or Else: How to Lubricate Your AR VIDEO

Don't Trash Your PCC With the Wrong Ammo VIDEO

Running Double Red Dots VIDEO

JP Heritage VIDEO

Master Your Carbine VIDEO | AUDIO

Valkyrie on Safari VIDEO | AUDIO

After Action: 2017 Fort Benning VIDEO | AUDIO


Mastering the Side-Charger VIDEO

3GN Nationals and Beyond AUDIO

Making Your AR Hunt, Part 2 TEXT

Breaking Down Blue Ridge AUDIO

Making Your AR Hunt, Part 1 TEXT

The 10-Minute Dry Fire Drill VIDEO

Gear Profile: Josh Froelich VIDEO

Build Smart: Muzzle Attachment VIDEO

Step Up Your Rifle Transitions VIDEO

Understanding Ballistics TEXT

3-Gun: What Slows You Down? TEXT

Build Smart: Upper Receiver Tips VIDEO

Sealed Mindset: Drill of the Week VIDEO

Bracing for Precision Rifle VIDEO

Break In Your New Barrel Right VIDEO

Semi-Auto Hunting: The Cycle of Change TEXT

The Case Whisperer VIDEO

What to Feed Your PCC TEXT

Optimizing Your Suppressed Rifle VIDEO

Home Defense Ready VIDEO

Mastering Your Multi-Day Match Part 2 TEXT

How to Prep Your Cases VIDEO


Mastering Your Multi-Day Match Part 1 TEXT

You Can't Do Without Anti-Can VIDEO

JP Parts vs. JP Rifles VIDEO

How to Talk to Your Gunsmith TEXT

Gas vs. Mass Regulation VIDEO | AUDIO

How to Reload for Precision Shooting TEXT

Improving Your Benchrest Technique VIDEO

How to Practice for Precision Shooting VIDEO

How to Get Started in Precision Shooting TEXT

Winning Over Young Shooters VIDEO

Tricks of Running Open Shotgun VIDEO | AUDIO

JP Torture Test VIDEO

History Lesson: MN 3-Gun TEXT

Getting More: 2-Point Slings VIDEO

Back in the Day: Soldier of Fortune VIDEO | AUDIO

Kelly Neal: Running Stealthy at Superstition Mountain TEXT

JPoint: Mounting Possibilities VIDEO

Reconfiguring your SCS VIDEO

Dutch IPSC Open Rifle Team: Drills for Your Rifle Skills TEXT

John Paul: Gas Gun Basics video series VIDEO

Trapr Swonson: After Action: Precision 3-Gun TEXT

Bethany Harris: Running Your Red Dot Like a Pro (Part 2) TEXT

Bethany Harris: Running Your Red Dot Like a Pro (Part 1) TEXT

John Paul: JP Post Mortem pt.2: How Your Reloading Can Go Wrong TEXT

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