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Swarovski Scopes

Swarovski Z8i (1-8x)

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Of all the 1-to-something optics on the market, the Swarovski Z8i 1-8x is king. It features true transparency at 1x and just the right amount of magnification to still allow for a reasonable field of view at 8x. It's not often we find a scope without having some recommendation as to an improvement or modification, but the Z8i is just about as close to perfect as you can get.

Using scopes with too much magnification, the shooter can easily lose situational awareness even on the longer-range engagements. This leads to eventual failure to engage on essential targets. We've all seen it even if we haven't done it ourselves.

The reticle of the Z8i is in the second plane where, in our opinion, it belongs on such a scope. Frontal-plane reticles are optimal for precision optics used for long-range hunting or military long-range interdiction. But on a low-power variable scope like this, a second-plane reticle allows the reticle to appear the same regardless of where you have the magnification set. This means it can be biased for close-quarters engagement, which is essential. Frontal-plane reticles disappear at low power and make the CQB problem much more difficult to solve at speed. You would only be using the ballistic capability of the reticle at the maximum magnification anyway, so you just have to remember to crank the magnification up to the stop when you intend to use holdovers.

The ballistic solution in the Z8i reticle is in milliradians, making it a real universal reticle. Learn your dope for any load with this reticle, and either memorize it or create a hold off legend on your rifle. You're not forced to find where your load shoots to some ballistic reticle designed around a load that you don't use at atmospheric conditions that you don't have. Once you learn to use a universal milliradian-type reticle and ballistic solution, your long-range shooting will improve dramatically. It also goes without saying that the glass in this scope is second to none.

Finally, this Z8i also sports a sophisticated illuminated dot in the center that has both daytime and nighttime settings for a wide range of intensity with two settings available instantly on demand. While most other scopes are biased only for low-light applications, the daytime setting of the Z8i offers true daylight dot intensity, which will contrast even on white steel under full daylight.

It's not often we can use a scope and without having some recommendation as to an improvement or modification, but the Z8i is just about as close to perfect as you can get. Given the price, it's not for everyone, but if you can afford one, you will wonder how you got along without it.

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Magnification 1-8x
Effective objective lens Ø (mm) 8.2-24
Exit pupil Ø (mm) 8.1-3.0
Exit pupil distance (mm) (Eye Relief) 95
Field of view at m/100 m / ft/100 yds 42.5-5.3 / 127.5-15.9
Field of view (degrees) 24.0-3.0
Field of view, apparent (degrees) 24
Dioptric compensation (dpt) -3 to +2
Light transmission (%) 93
Twilight factor acc. to ISO 14132-1 2.8-13.9
Impact point cord. per click (mm/100 m / in/100 yds) 10 / 0.36
Max. elevation/windage adjustment range (m/100m / in/100 yds) 2 / 72
Objective filter thread M 27x0.75
Length approx. (mm/in) 301 / 11.9
Weight approx. (g/oz) 515 / 18.2
Central tube diameter (mm/in) 30 / 1.18

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