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Magazines | State Restrictions


Magazines | Small Frame
ARS-223-5RAR-STONER .223/5.56 NATO 5-Round Steel Magazine$15.99
MAG233Magpul .223/5.56 NATO 40-Round Polymer Magazine$18.95
MAG557Magpul .223/5.56 NATO 30-Round Polymer Magazine$14.20
MAG560Magpul .223/5.56 NATO 20-Round Polymer Magazine$13.25
MAG559Magpul .223/5.56 NATO 10-Round Polymer Magazine$13.25
MAG-6.5G25AA/E-Lander 6.5 Grendel Magazine
25 Round
MAG-6.5G10AA/E-Lander 6.5 Grendel Magazine
10 Round
MAG-PRI6.8SPC10PRI 6.8 SPC II/.224 Valkyrie Steel Magazine
10 Round

Magazines | Large Frame
MAG577Magpul .308/7.62 NATO 25-Round Polymer Magazine$21.80
MAG291Magpul .308/7.62 NATO 20-Round Polymer Magazine$18.95
MAG290Magpul .308/7.62 NATO 10-Round Polymer Magazine$18.00

Magazines | 9mm
GL-9MM-31R31/33 Round 9mm Glock 17/34 Magazine$39.95
GL-9MM-17R17 Round 9mm Glock 17/34 Magazine$24.95
GL-9MM-10R10 Round 9mm Glock 26 Magazine$24.95
TF-GOL-EXTTaylor Freelance Goliath +20 Magazine Extension $69.99
TF-GLOCK-EXTTaylor Freelance 41+1 Magazine Extension Kit$59.95

Magazine Accessories