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Closeouts and Specials

These products are closeouts. The availability of these items are limited to stock on hand and may be discontinued at any time without notice. These items will be sold on a first come, first served basis while supplies last and are sold as is. No returns, refunds or exchanges will be available. Closeout items are new, first quality products unless otherwise noted.

Click here to see our closeout Supermatch™ barrels.

Closeout Specials on Rifle Parts and Accessories
PISTOL-BUNDLESig Brace AR Pistol Bundle$239.99
Fire Control Package

.169 Large Pin Receivers
JPBC-EB308 SJP EnhancedBolt™ Assembly Completion Group
   Caliber: .308 Win.
   Finish: Silver Chromium Nitride
JPEB-308 SJP EnhancedBolt™ Assembly
   Caliber: .308 Win.
   Finish: Silver Chromium Nitride
JPTRE-412SStd-Profile Compensator
1/2-28 TPI
.875 OD
.281 Exit
RR9-BUNDLERock River 9mm Conversion Bundle$199.95
RR9MM 0115Rock River Arms 9mm Mag Well Conversion Block$175.00
RR9MM 0116A32-Round 9mm Magazine

RR9MM 01199mm Lula Loader Accessory$32.50
STD.223/5.56Mil-spec .223/5.56 Bolt Assembly$43.95
TP5/8x28SThread Protector
5/8-28 TPI
.875 OD
PA-A02410Thread Adapter
1/2-28 to 5/8-24
Stainless Shoulderless
308-BT-01DPMS .308 Gas Rings

Pack of 10 Sets (30 Rings)

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Closeout Specials on Optics and Accessories
BU-ET71X32Bushnell CQTS II
Variable Reticle
JPSB-2JP Front Sight Block
.875 Barrel Diameter
JPSB-3JP Front Sight Block
.925 Barrel Diameter
JPA-SGJPoint Mount Adapter for Melt-in Rib Installation$14.95
JPA-SM30JPoint Mount Adapter for Piggy Back on 30mm Scope Tube
(this product is a closeout item)

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Closeout Specials on Pistol Accessories

Closeout Magazines
MAG-OK30USGI Magazine, 30 round capacity$19.95
DP-308-MA-3082DPMS 19/20-Round LR-308 Steel Magazine$39.95
DP-308-MA-3084DPMS 4-Round LR-308 Steel Magazine$39.95

Accessories & Misc.

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