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Choosing Ammunition for the LRP-07 2011-06-16

When it comes to expectations, some people are flat out nuts. They can spend a ton of money on one of our high end rifles and then think it will run and shoot accurately with some crap ammo. Not to mention the people who think that just because they can pump 175 SMKs or 6.5 140s out of their bolt gun at 2800-2900 FPS, they can get away with that out of a gas gun and expect us to make it happen.

In fact, most .308 ammunition has been developed and tested in bolt guns with slower twist barrels (as in 1:11.25 or 12”).  Due to this, some of these rounds will not perform in the acceptable chamber pressure range in gas guns with 1 in 10 twist barrels such as ours. However, we will get superior performance with 175 VLD type bullets preferred by long range shooters. But you can also get outstanding performance with bullets as light as the Hornady 110 Vmax, which I like for the Heavy Metal division in three gun completion. If you’re shooting inside 400 yards, BC is not relevant, only velocity and I can get 3000 FPS MV out of a 110 Vmax with 49 grain of H335 in an 18” barrel with workable pressure and sub MOA accuracy. Not to mention it makes the comp work so well the rifle feels like a 5.56 with heavy match loads, not a 308. Incredible!

So far, we’ve had the luxury of dealing with a fairly sophisticated customer that is willing to listen to our advice and take it. I have always made it a policy never to “blow smoke” and people know that when I say something, they can take it to the bank. Brownell’s said it best recently when they told me that they felt that we always understated performance on our products (as opposed to many other vendors making flat out unrealistic claims). In some cases, I’ll steer a customer elsewhere if I know I can’t meet his expectations (as they may be unrealistic).

And I have no intention of becoming another DPMS or Bushmaster. We will always be more of a micro-brewery of high end performance rifles. I don’t want any bean counters telling me what do (if you know what I mean). However, our reputation has resulted in our product getting further out into a less experienced audience and we having to deal with those issues.

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