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NightForce produces some truly top-of-the-line rifle scopes that make a great pairing for one of our precision rifles. Not only does NightForce make use of the highest quality glass and components, their durability testing is as rigorous as any in the industry. Corrosion, submersion, extreme temperature and wear are just some of the abuse factors these scopes are designed to handle all while providing premium performance. A NightForce mixes competition precision with duty durability like no other optic on the market.

We’ve opted to stock selections from two of NightForce’s newest and most innovative lines:

NF-C613Nightforce ATACR™
7-35 x 56mm
Mil-XT Reticle
NF-C634Nightforce NX8™
4-32 x 50mm
Mil-XT Reticle
NF-C632Nightforce NX8™
2.5-20 x 50mm
Mil-XT Reticle

Optics Theory

Rifle-Optic Bundle Discount

Printable targets to maximize your ability to shoot the tightest possible groups with a variety of optics at various ranges.