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* 2002 World Championship 3-Gun Tactical Match Top Senior, 9th Overall.

*2003 World Championship 3-Gun Tactical Match Top Senior, 17th overall.

*2003 USPSA 3 Gun Nationals top senior, Limited division.

2004 DPMS Tri-Gun Challenge Top senior, 3rd overall tactical class.

2011 MGM Iron Man High senior

2011 Mammoth Sniper Match 8th place (out of 54) team with Kurt Kisch

Like you, I'm an avid recreational and competitive shooter. The American tradition is an endangered culture now, but that's how my father taught me and how I've taught my sons to ride, shoot straight and speak the truth.

My first gun was the requisite Daisy Red Ryder with one of my mother's old belts as a sling. I've long since worn it out but I still have it. I guess some people just never grow up. Now I've been shooting in competitions of one sort or another for nearly 40 years and my products and services are the direct result of that experience. I'm sure you've seen all sorts of firearms products that do not perform as expected, primarily because many are designed by people who are desk jockeys, not real shooters. I put on thousands of miles every year traveling to national level competitions, actually putting our products to the test. I am constantly trying to improve our existing products and services and create innovative new ideas to fill the needs of serious and recreational shooters.

I also have a rather old fashioned idea about "customer satisfaction." You'll notice that we don't have any fancy fine print guarantees with our products. My policy is simple: if you're not happy, I'm not happy. I only guarantee one thing, your satisfaction. Ask one of our customers. They're our best salespeople.

Good Shooting!
John Paul
JP Enterprises, Inc.

Thanks for all your support from the crew at JP!

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