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Stocks and Grips

Maxim Defense
MD-CQB-9MMMaxim Defense CQB Stock

ACE Stocks
ACE-ARFX-QDACE Skeletonized Buttstock with QD Swivel$99.95

Magpul Stocks, Grips and Accessories
MAG378Magpul ACSL (Adaptable Carbine/Storage Light) Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG672Magpul AR-10/15 and SR-25 PRS
Precision Rifle Stock

   Color Selectable
MAG404Magpul MOE Fixed Stock
MAG310Magpul CTR Carbine Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG482The Magpul UBR (Utility / Battle Rifle) GEN2
   Color Selectable
MAG520Magpul MIAD Grip
   Gen 1.1
   Color Selectable
MAG411Magpul AFG
   Angled Fore Grip
MAG412Magpul RVG™ Vertical Grip
   Color Selectable
MAG417Magpul MOE™ Trigger Guard
   Color Selectable
MAG580-BLKMagpul M-LOK® Aluminum Rail
3 Slot

Luth-AR Stocks
LU-MBA-1Luth-AR MBA Stock$131.55
LU-MBA-2Luth-AR "Skullaton" Stock$46.95
LU-CTK-RAILLUTH-AR Buttstock Rail$35.00
LU-GT-TLLuth-AR Grovtec tool$3.25

Grips and Stock Accessories
JPBT-CAJP Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube$59.95
SIG-PSBSig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace$124.49
HPGJP Custom Logo Hogue Pistol Grip$16.95
RPBT-RReceiver Extension Tube

JPABPJP Adjustable Butt Plate
   for Magpul PRS
JPPRS-SMPRS Stock Sling Cup Mount$29.95
LPK-LTGLower Receiver Parts Kit


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