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Taylor Freelance Goliath +20 Magazine Extension Kit
for Glock 31-Round Magazines

From the Manufacturer:


PCC shooters, we were listening when you asked us for more! Our new +20 (51+1) kit isn’t just more capacity, it’s more strength, more durability, more features, and easier to clean — at a very competitive price! If you want “pro-level” equipment for PCC, you can’t do better than this!

Wield 51+1 rounds from your Glock pistol-caliber carbine! Unprecedented strength: rigid design absorbs abuse and hard knocks. We can STAND ON IT! Quick-release base allows for easy cleaning (without taking the mag apart) "Sword-like" grip provides positive control when inserting -- you won't slip in a critical moment! Includes custom super-length spring.

NOTE: Because of a combination of factors, we build our basepads slightly "short" for best reliability. As a result, they will run properly with ammunition loaded to 1.125" overall or less. That's a typical length for 115- and 124-grain loads, but some (notably, Winchester 115 RN) will go out all the way to 1.160". HINT: If your extension will take 35 rounds and then becomes unreliable (or sticks), check the length of your ammunition!

State Restrictions

Cannot sell to or ship to CA, CT, CO, DC, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, VT


Price: $69.99