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JP-5™ Roller Delayed 9mm Carbine

This is the revolution the PCC world has been waiting for.

In the world of Pistol Caliber Carbines, JP has become the industry standard with the unmatched reliability and accuracy of our GMR-15™ platform. Never ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve pushed PCC design to the edge with the state-of-the-art JP-5™. This 9mm carbine combines every advantage of its predecessor with the legendary function of the H&K MP5. The result is a PCC that is all things to all shooters.

In addition to a lighter overall weight, the roller-delayed operating system of the JP-5™ replicates the supreme recoil management of the MP5. The result is a soft-shooting carbine with radically faster sight recovery and target indexing. As our Team JP shooter Josh Froelich puts it, “The JP-5™ shoots like a .223 not a 9mm carbine.” Combined with the unparalleled reliability our PCCs are known for, the JP-5™ is sure to be the go-to platform for competition, law enforcement and recreation.

Utilizing standard Glock 9mm magazines, the JP-5™ lower receiver features ambi. controls and maintains signature AR-15 ergonomics and height-over-bore. The operating system also accepts most MP5 aftermarket components. The JP-5™ is tunable in both the Silent Captured Spring buffer system and lock piece to accommodate suppressed use as well as varying barrel length and ammunition.

The JP-5™ is available with either the standard top-charge upper receiver or the PSC-5™ dual-charge upper with both top- and side-charge handles. Complete carbines are available for order now.

JP-5™ Features:

  • Proven, unmatched reliability
  • Superior recoil management of the H&K MP5
  • Faster sight recovery and target indexing
  • Light weight
  • Glock 9mm magazine compatible
  • Steel-reinforced billet receiver set
  • Adjustable/interchangeable lock pieces for custom configuration tuning
  • JP Silent Captured Spring System
  • AR-15 ergonomics and height-over-bore
  • Compatibility with AR-15 stock, grips and accessories
  • Compatibility with multiple MP5 operating system components

Base Carbine Specifications:

Receiver: Machined-from-billet JP-5™ G940 receiver set
Receiver Finish: Matte black
Barrel: JP Supermatch™ air-gauged, button-rifled, cryogenically treated barrel w/ fluted chamber
Barrel Finish: Polished stainless or Black Teflon®
Muzzle Treatment: JP tactical or competition compensator
Caliber: 9mm
Buttstock: Hogue Overmolded or Mission First Tactical
Grip: Hogue pistol grip
Hand Guard: JP MK III Hand Guard System
Operating System: Roller delay BCG with JP 9mm Silent Captured Spring
Trigger: JP Enhanced Reliability Fire Control Package with a weight of 3.5-4 lbs.
Accessories: JP accessory pack including operator’s manual, one magazine*, and more

JP Rifle Builder | JP-5™ Custom Builds

JP-5™ Rifle
Base Price: $3199

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JP-5™ (9mm) Pistol or SBR
Base Price: $3199

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JP-5™ Upper Assembly
Base Price: $1899

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Ready Rifles | JP-5™ Pistol Caliber Carbines
RR-JP5G940/TCULJP-5™ Ultralight Carbine
9mm | 14.5" | Rifle Hand Guard
RU-JP5UA/TCULJP-5™ Ultralight Ready Upper
9mm | 6"/16" | Rifle Hand Guard
RR-JP5G940/TCAPCJP-5™ All-Purpose Carbine
9mm | 14.5" | Rifle Hand Guard
RR-JP5G940/TCPCCJP-5™ Competition PCC
9mm | 14.5" | Rifle Hand Guard
RR-JP5G940/TCSCCJP-5™ Steel Challenge Carbine
9mm | 14.5" | Rifle Hand Guard

JP-5™ Replacement Components
JP5-SCHA-LPJP Side-Charge Handle Assembly
PSC-5™/JP-5™ Upper
Low Profile
JP5-SCHA-CJP Side-Charge Handle Assembly
PSC-5™/JP-5™ Upper
JP5-MCAJP-5™ Magazine Catch
Color Selectable
JP5-BCRSRJP-5™ Bolt Catch Paddle
Color Selectable
JP5-EB9JP-5™ Replacement Bolt Assembly
JP5-LPJP-5™ Lock Pieces
Compatible with H&K MP5
JP5-BGT-1020JP-5™ Bolt Gap Gauge Set$29.95
JP5-RKJP-5™ Roller Replacement Kit
Selectable Size
Compatible with H&K MP5
JP5-RRSJP-5™ Roller Retainer Spring & Pin
Compatible with H&K MP5
JP5-EX9JP-5™ Extractor Kit
Compatible with H&K MP5
JP5-EXSJP-5™ Extractor Spring
Compatible with H&K MP5
JP5-EJK9JP-5™ Ejector Kit
JP5-EJPJP-5™ Ejector Pin$14.95
JP5-FPKJP-5™ Firing Pin & Spring
Compatible with H&K MP5
JP5-FPSJP-5™ Firing Pin Spring
Compatible with H&K MP5
JP5-MKJP-5™ Replacement Parts Kit$19.95
JPSCS2-JP5Silent Captured Spring

Magazines | 9mm
GL-9MM-33R9mm Glock 17/34 Magazine
33 Round
GL-9MM-17R9mm Glock 26 Magazine
17 Round
GL-9MM-10R9mm Glock 26 Magazine
10 Round
TF-GOL-EXTTaylor Freelance Goliath
+20 Magazine Extension
TF-GLOCK-EXTTaylor Freelance Magazine Extension
41+1 Kit

Accessories | JP-5™
TF-JP5-MWTaylor Freelance "Fattie Five" Mag. Well for JP-5™$69.99
P-CHFLG-REDPCC Competition
9mm Chamber Flag


Frequently Asking Questions

Is the JP-5™ compatible with my existing 9mm PCC?

The JP-5™ uses mostly platform-specific components that are not compatible with AR-based 9mm platforms. The component compatibility for the JP-5™ is as follows:

  • Receivers for the JP-5™ receivers will only mate with each other
  • The upper receiver will accept standard AR-15 hand guards though all models come with a JP hand guard
  • The top-charge upper receiver uses a Sig MPX-pattern top-charge handle
  • Operating system components will only function in the JP-5™ receivers and cannot be used in other receivers with Mil-spec dimentions
  • The JP-5™ does not accept standard AR barrels, but our barrels are threaded to 1/2-36 TPI to accept an array of compensators
  • Standard AR fire control components are compatible
  • Standard AR stocks and grips are compatible

How will the JP-5™ handle +P ammo?

The JP-5™ action is a roller delayed blowback system that is tunable for different ammunition through the use of our different lock pieces. +P ammo will require a higher-angle lock piece that the standard but will cycle reliably without undue wear with that modification.