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Silent Captured Spring Buffer Retainer Pin and Spring

While you can use a standard buffer retainer pin and spring with your Silent Captured Spring, installation and removal is difficult to say the least. Until now, that's left the only option of storing the SCS loose. Fortunately, we have a solution.

This new buffer retainer pin design allows for easy installation and removal of the Silent Captured Spring while ensuring unerring retention. Your SCS will never drop unexpectedly out of your lower again. Plus, this design works equally well with a standard AR buffer and spring.

It's a little thing, but what a difference it makes.


Like a standard buffer retainer pin, this design is not compatible with Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS™) carriers.

This buffer retainer pin is designed to work only with conventional buffer tubes and not those with a slotted lip feature designed to extend around the buffer retainer pin. The slotted feature may prevent this buffer retainer pin from fully presenting and will not retain the SCS. When running a Silent Captured Spring in this type of buffer tube, we recommend against use of buffer retainer pin.

This buffer retainer is designed for use with the JP Silent Captured Spring and will not retain a standard buffer assembly as well as a Mil-spec buffer retainer.


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Price: $12.95