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JPoint™ Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight

Compact, light-weight and versatile—these are what define the JPoint™ Microelectronic sight, a design and a concept that has stood the test of time, needing only minimal improvements over the years. From the uncompromising demands of 3-Gun and IPSC competition to life-or-death duty in the Middle East, the little JPoint™ sight has proved its mettle and its viability.

Weighing in at just half an ounce, this is the lightest red dot sight available to this day with a minimal profile to match, making it ideal for applications that no other sight can fill. From a low-light indoor range to white steel in the high desert, the auto-adjusting light sensor ensures that it's at home in any environment. Whatever the weapon, the JPoint™ is sure to add fantastic utility without encumbrance and makes for a great optic choice for any number of applications.

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JPoint Sights
JPOINT4JPoint™ MRD Sight

4 MOA Dot
JPOINT8JPoint™ MRD Sight

8 MOA Dot


JPoint Mount Bundles
JPOINT4-WPG-ROSJPoint4 Offset Mount Bundle
JPOINT8-WPG-ROSJPoint8 Offset Mount Bundle

JPoint™ Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight

From the moment the old Firepoint sights appeared on the scene, they showed great potential that was sadly left untapped by shoddy construction. John Paul saw this when he first mounted one up on a hybrid Glock 17L well over a decade ago. It took our friends at Shield in the UK to run with the design and finally produce a refined sight that fulfilled the promise of the original, one that we could proudly put the JP name on. Today, you'd be hard-pressed to find a JP-owned competition pistol without one, not to mention the many JPoint™-equipped long guns in our library. Even after all these years, the JPoint™ is as viable an optic ever, no matter the application:


On an AR in particular, the JPoint™ is equally at home either out front or running support. Pair it with some backup irons on a CQB setup, and the JPoint™ provides a viable optics solution with usable accuracy out to 200 yards. Mount it in tandem with your long-range scope either offset from the hand guard or receiver or piggybacked atop the primary optic. Now you have a universal optical system that does all things well and with virtually no added weight or bulk. For applications like hunting where long-range shooting in combination with short-range moving game in the brush can be expected, this combination can't be beat.


One of the only sights of its kind that doesn't compromise speed with shells for accuracy with slugs, JPoints™ have been a fixture of our competition shotguns for years, and to this day we've gone without a sight succumbing to the battering of 12-gauge recoil. Make the effort to mount the JPoint™ with the window of the sight even with the rib, and you can expect incredible speed on steel targets or birds and carbine accuracy with slugs. Configured like that, you can also continue shooting off the rib in case you don't want to use the sight or you suffer a battery failure.


Slide-mounting is where the JPoint™ truly shines. Its minimal weight and surprisingly rugged design have defied expectations by withstanding even the most grueling of slide reciprocation without moving or malfunctioning. Plus, avoiding the problem of poor slide-frame fit simply results in a much cleaner, more accurate installation.

On Glocks in particular, the slide-frame relationship is particularly poor while the barrel-slide lockup is actually very consistent. This makes a slide-mounted optic like the JPoint™ the perfect choice for a Glock and the key to tapping its excellent accuracy potential.

On custom 1911s with a good slide-frame fit, a slide-mounted JPoint™ is still superior to bulky frame-mounted brackets that can interfere with ejection. Traditional electronic sights sit high over the slide and block the view of the gun target, which is why shooters end up twisting their grip around looking for the dot, especially when they are shooting weak hand only. It's simply better to get the sight registered closer to the barrel than frame-mounting permits, and with a JPoint™, you can always see the slide pointing into the target. If you can point the slide, you can find the dot.

With our wide variety of pistol mounts to fit a variety of pistol dovetails, you'll be hard-pressed to rule out the JPoint™ for compatibility, but to achieve the best results, we encourage a melt-in installation to bring the sight window down lower, allowing you to see the slide through the sight window. When you can see the gun, you'll naturally achieve the fastest sight recovery you've ever experienced. We highly recommend that you contact Bowie Tactical Concepts, Briley Manufacturing, MOD 1 Firearms or Templar Custom Arms for this service.

JPoint™ Specifications

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Sight Window: 21.6mm x 15.4mm
  • Elevation Adjustment Range: 317cm @ 100m (125 in. @ 100 yds)
  • Windage Adjustment Range: 410cm @ 100m (162 in. @ 100 yds)
  • Recoil Resistance: 5,000g
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25 - +55 degrees Celsius (-13 - +131 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Storage Temperature Range: -55 - +70 degrees Celsius (-67 - +158 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Power Supply: 3V with one CR 2032 (Lithium)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 42mm x 25.4mm x 23mm
  • Weight: .5oz (14 grams)
  • Light Transmission of Lens: 98%
  • Lens: Acrylic with Hard Coating
  • Body: Glass Reinforced Nylon Polymer

JPoint™ Mounting Adapters and Accessories

We offer a variety of mounting adapters for the JPoint™ to suit most any application. Most adapters allow use on guns with existing rear sight cuts such as Smith & Wesson Revolvers and M-41 target pistols, 1911s, Glocks and more. These adapters fit right into the existing sight cuts on your slide and allow the lowest possible position of the sight without any additional millwork.

We also offer mounts for special applications like shotgun barrel mounts and piggyback secondary sight on 1" and 30mm scope tubes as well as atop a Trijicon ACOG. Mounting accessories like protective guard wings and elevation adjusting shims are also available.

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JPoint Mount Bundles
JPOINT4-WPG-ROSJPoint4 Offset Mount Bundle
JPOINT8-WPG-ROSJPoint8 Offset Mount Bundle

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JPoint Adapters | Rifles and Shotguns
JPA-SM30/1CJPoint mount for scope tube fits 30mm and 1 inch scopes with included adapter rings$79.95
JPA-WPJPoint Mount Adapter for Weaver or Picatinny Style Rails$79.95
JP A-WPGJPoint Mount Adapter for Picatinny/Weaver Interface with JPoint Guard Wings$139.95
JPROS45° Rail Offset Adapter$62.00

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JPoint Adapters | Pistols
JPA-11JPoint mount adapter standard fixed sight rear 1911 dovetail$44.95
JPA-BMJPoint mount adapter to fit Bomar BMCS melt in slide cut$44.95
JPA-NVJPoint Mount Adapter for Novak Fixed Sight Cut$44.95
JPA-GJPoint mount adapter for any Glock pistol$44.95
JPA-RP/22JPoint Mount Adapter for Ruger "P" Series center fire pistol and Ruger MKII or MKIII series pistol$39.95
JPA-RRJPoint Mount Adapter for Ruger Double Action Revolvers with Adjustable Sights$44.95
JPA-SIGJPoint Mount Adapter for Sig Centerfire Pistol$44.95
JPA-SWRJPoint Mount Adapter to Fit Smith & Wesson Revolvers$49.95
JPA-XDJPoint Mount Adapter for Springfield Armory Series XD Pistols$44.95

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JPoint Shims Kits
JPA-SHIMJPoint 1° Reversible Mounting Shim for adjusting sight angle$4.95
JPA-SHIM3Reversible 1° Mounting Shim for adjusting sight angle

Set of 3
JPA-SHIM5Reversible 1° Mounting Shim for adjusting sight angle

Set of 5
JPA-SHIM8Reversible 1° Mounting Shim for adjusting sight angle

Set of 8

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JPoint Accessories
CR2032CR2032 Lithium Battery$1.95
JPOINTCJPoint Cover$5.95
JPA-GUARDGuard Wings for JPoint sight mounts$69.95

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Is the JPoint better suited towards indoor or outdoor use?

The JPoint includes a light sensor that automatically adjusts the dot intensity according to the ambient lighting. The dot will be brighter in bright light and dimmer in low light for ease of use in either condition. In fact, it's because of this sensor that you can leave the sight in a dark place like a safe and find that the battery lasts for months.

That being said, the JPoint is slightly biased towards bright-light, outdoor shooting. In some situations like indoor ranges, the dot may flare somewhat. Eliminating direct overhead lighting can help with this. If most of your shooting will be indoor, we'd recommend that 4 MOA JPoint as the smaller dot will be less prone to this problem.

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How do I know whether the 4 MOA or 8 MOA JPoint is better for me?

There are a few factors to consider. The first is the environment in which you'll be using the sight. Both dots perform well outdoors, but the 8 MOA will always have a slight edge in very bright environments due to its larger size. This larger size, though, means that the sight is slightly less precise than the 4 MOA. If most of your shooting will be indoors, the 4 MOA is a better fit, since it will be less prone to flaring in lower light.

Beyond environment, the quality of your vision matters. The 4 MOA JPoint's smaller dot can be trickier to see at times, and many older shooters prefer the 8 MOA for that reason.

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Is there an advantage of a melt-in installation on my slide over just using a mounting adapter?

Yes. While the mounts we offer drop the window of the JPoint as low as can be achieved with an adapter, this can't compare to its position on a professionally milled-out slide. Seeing the slide through the sight window, as you have with iron sights, makes shooting more natural and intuitive. This isn't to say that using a mounting adapter will produce poor results, just that the melt-in will produce better ones.

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How does the JPoint compare to the Docter sight?

Every sight design represents a compromise between various attributes. The Docter has a metal body and glass lens that is more optically perfect than the acrylic lens of the JPoint. Both of these factors add to the weight, making the Docter considerably heavier and therefore more noticeable in the overall weight of the gun and in the inertial effects when mounting on pistol slides.

While the acrylic lens of the JPoint will have some minor optical distortion, this will only be apparent under intense scrutiny. When actually shooting, you're never focused on the lens, so this distortion isn't noticeable in live fire conditions. If you're focused on the lens while shooting, you're likely not hitting your target.

The entire electronics package of the JPoint is in an epoxy sealed chip with no exposed wiring. This results in improved recoil tolerance and water resistance. The JPoint® will tolerate submersion in water with no damage. The battery may short out momentarily, but it will not be damaged. The Docter has exposed wires and is therefore much more sensitive to water intrusion.

Lastly, and not inconsiderably, the JPoint is far less expensive than the various version of the Docter sight.

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Are you the exclusive source for the JPoint sight?

Within the United States, yes. Be wary of inferior sights being marketed using our name or logo. These may be either knockoffs or old Firepoint sights that were liquidated due to low quality and reliability problems. Sights without our logo are not eligible for warranty, and we cannot stand behind their quality or performance.

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Do you offer a JPoint mount for my pistol?

All the JPoint mounts that we sell are listed on our mounts and accessories page. If you do not see your particular pistol listed, consult the manufacturer's website to determine if it shares a dovetail with any other pistol. If it still appears that we don't have a mount to fit your purpose, Evolution Gun Works stocks several mounts that we do not manufacture. Failing that, your next best option would be to purchase our universal gunsmith blank and seek out a local machinist who could fit the mount to fit your dovetail.

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