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Product Instructions

1911 Accessories

JPEMCJP 1911 Elevated Magazine Catch

JP Advance Modular Chassis System™

JP-AMCSJP Advanced Modular Chassis System™

JP Recoil Eliminators

JP-JNJam Nuts, Crush Washers and Peel Washers
JPRE-21/2"-28 TPI
JPRE-2T1/2"-28 TPI with Tapered Nut
JPRE-39/16"-28 TPI
JPRE-3245/8” - 24 TPI
JPRE-4245/8"-24 TPI (Bull Barrel)
JPRE-4285/8"-28 TPI (Bull Barrel)
JPRE-93/4"-28 TPI
JPRE-9BT3/4"-28 TPI
JPRE-HTJP Recoil Eliminator with Harmonic Stabilizer
JPRE-PBSet Screw Version

JP Tactical Compensators

JP-JNJam Nuts, Crush Washers and Peel Washers
JPFHJP Flash Hider
JPTRE-21/2"-28 TPI
JPTRE-2361/2"-36 TPI (9mm)
JPTRE-39/16"-28 TPI
JPTRE-3245/8"-24 TPI
JPTRE-4121/2"-28 TPI
JPTRE-4S5/8"-28 TPI
JPTRE-5.121/2"-28 TPI Large Contour
JPTRE-5.585/8"-24 TPI Large Contour

Accessories for Glocks

GLKTRIGTrigger Enhancement for Glock Pistols
JPGMBExtended Magazine Release for Glock Pistols
JPMWMagazine Well for Glock Pistols

Rifles and Accessories

JP Barrel KitJP Barrel Kit
JP Rifle ManualManual for JP Gas Guns
JPABPAdjustable Butt Plate for Magpul PRS Stock
JPAWJP AR-15 Oversize Anti-Walk Pins
JPBC-1Ultra Low Mass Aluminum Bolt Carrier
JPBC-9MMA9mm Bolt Assembly
JPBRSBenchrest Stock Conversion Kit
JPCG-223.223 Precision Case Gage
JPCG-308.308 Precision Case Gage
JPCTR02-URCTR-02 Upper Receiver
JPEBJP EnhancedBolt Assembly
JPEB-308EX.308 Enhanced Extractor
JPEB-308HPJP .308 EnhancedBolt™, High Pressure
JPEGREnhanced Gas Rings
JPFCOriginal JP AR Fire Control Kit
JPFC-SAJP Adjustable/Reversable Selector
JPFRKITJP Field Repair Kit
JPGS-1JP Adjustable Gas System, .750 bore, Aluminum
JPGS-2JP Adjustable Gas System, .750 bore, Stainless Steel
JPGS-2JP Adjustable Gas System, .750 bore, Stainless Steel,
Locking Version
JPGS-2FSJP Adjustable Gas System, .750 bore, A2 Front Sight
JPGS-3JP Adjustable Gas System, .936 bore, Aluminum
JPGS-4JP Adjustable Gas System, .936 bore Stainless Steel
JPGS-5 JP Adjustable Gas System, .750 bore Minimized Stainless Steel, Locking Version
JPGS-5JP Adjustable Gas System, .750 bore Minimized Stainless Steel
JPGS-6JP Dial Adjustable Gas System, .750 bore, Stainless Steel
JPGS-8JP Adjustable Gas System, .936 bore, Minimized Aluminum
JPGS-SOSyrac Ordnance/JP minimized gas block
JPHGJP/VTAC Modular Hand Guard System
JPHG-LE-1MJP LE/Mil Free Float Hand Guard
JPHG-RCJP Rapid Configuration Hand Guard
JPHG3MK III Hand Guard System
JPPSC-URAPSC-11/12 Complete Upper Receiver Assembly
JPRGJP Cleaning Rod Guide
JPSJP Trigger/Hammer Spring Set
JPSCSJP Silent Captured Spring
JPSCS-9MMJP Silent Captured Spring, 9mm
JPSCS-HMTungsten Weight for JPSCS
JPSCS-PACKSCS Auxiliary Spring Rate Kits
JPSHJP Speed Hammer
JPTBSTactical buttstock assembly
JPTPJP AR-15 Tension Pin
JPTRJP Tactical Rail
JPVCJP Upper Receiver Vice Clamp
LRP-URALRP-07 Receiver Gunsmith Kits
MR-10MR-10 Trigger adjustment
NC22NC22 Owners Manual
PSC-URAPSC Upper Receiver Gunsmith Kits

JP Sight in Target

JP Sight in TargetJP Sight in Target

JP Scope Mounts

JPFTSM-1/301" and 30mm scope mounts
JPFTSM-35/JPFTSM-3435mm and 34mm scope mounts

JPoint Sights

JPA-11Mount for Standard 1911
JPA-415Mount for S&W Model 41 5.5"
JPA-417Mount for S&W Model 41 7.5"
JPA-52Mount for S&W Model 52
JPA-BMMount for Melt-In Bomar Sight Cut
JPA-CPGMIL-STD-1913 rail mount for Mini Red Dot
JPA-CZFMount for CZ or Witness Fixed Sight
JPA-DRTAMount for Doctor Sight on a Standard
Trijicon ACOG
JPA-GMount for Glock Standard Fixed Sight Cut
JPA-GCMount for Colt Gold Cup Eliason Sight Cut
JPA-HKMount for HK USP
JPA-HPMount for Browning Hi-Power Fixed Sight
JPA-KAMount for Melt-In LPA/Kimber Factory Sight
JPA-KFMount for Kimber Fixed Sight
JPA-LPAMount for Melt-In LPA/Kimber Factory Sight
JPA-MBMatt Burkett Offset Mini Red Dot Mount
JPA-MPMount for S&W M&P
JPA-NVMount for Novak Sight Cut
JPA-R22Mount for Ruger MK II Series Pistol
JPA-RAILJPoint Mount Adapter for Mounting on A3-type AR-15 Flat-top Receivers
JPA-RPMount for Ruger P Series Centerfire Pistol
JPA-RRMount for Ruger revolver (factory drilled and tapped)
JPA-SGMount for Melt-In Shotgun Rib
JPA-SHIM1° Shim Piece
JPA-SM1Mount for Secondary Scope-Top Sight (Glue)
JPA-SMCMount for Secondary Scope-Top Sight (Clamp)
JPA-SWRMount for S&W Revolver
JPA-TANSNMount for Trijicon NSN ACOG
JPA-WSSMount for EAS Witness Super Sight
JPA-XDMount for Springfield Armory XD Series Pistol
JPOINTJPoint Sight

Trijicon Sights

TA01JPJP Custom Reticle TA01 ACOG

Other Sights

JPDLJP Quick-Detach Anti-Cant Level
JPFS-AJP Quick-Detach Adjustable Height Front Sight Base
JPFS-ALSJP Quick-Detach Adjustable Height Front Sight Base
with Lyman Globe and Shaver Inserts
JPRSJP Quick-Detach Rear Sight
JPSBJP Front Sight Mounting Block
JPSRTSJP Short Range Tactical Sight

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