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Shipping Charges
Back Orders
Damaged Packages
Order Cancellations
International Orders
Ordering Optics
Contract Procurement
Law Enforcement Agency Purchases

Shipping Charges (Shipping and Insurance)

*Actual UPS charge will be added to your order at the time your order is processed.

**You will be advised of the final UPS shipping charge prior to processing your order.

Orders for "in stock" product received by 9:00 AM CST Monday-Friday are typically processed and shipped within 2-3 business days. If same day shipping is required, please contact us no later than 12:00 PM CST at 651-426-9196 to determine when your order can ship. While JP Enterprises can arrange to ship an order on a specified ship date via a service of your choice, we cannot and will not guarantee a specific delivery date for any order. If you have limited delivery availability, we can arrange to have your order held at a nearby UPS facility to pick up at your convenience.

Back Orders

If an item is "out of stock", don't wait until it is in stock to order. Order now to insure a place in the back order shipping log, and you will receive the merchandise in most cases within days to a few weeks. In the current situation, some items may continually show as "out of stock" only because they can't ship immediately but are in fact shipping within a short time of order. All orders will be processed on a chronological basis dependent on order date. Your credit card will not be processed until we have received inventory and have processed your order for shipment.


All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice as our production and labor cost may change.

Any items appearing on the website at $1 are strictly temporary and for custom quote requests. If your order is placed, you will receive a customized quote that will remain valid on your account for 30 days. To complete the order, please contact us by phone.

Damaged Packages

Hold damaged packages and all their contents including shipping materials. Please call or email us at within 5 business days of the delivery so that we can initiate the freight claim process with UPS and discuss replacements. Failure to contact us within this time frame will prevent us from filing a freight claim.


Return or Exchange Merchandise

If you desire to return or exchange any items, please contact us at 651-426-9196 or email us at for the return shipping address and a Return Authorization Number which MUST accompany the items you are returning. We will accept returns provided they are returned to us within thirty (30) days from receiving them. Returns must be in new, unaltered condition and in factory packaging where applicable and must include a copy of your sales receipt or invoice and this Return From. When items are received back, we will credit your original method of payment based on the value of the items received back less the original shipping cost and up to a 15% restocking fee. When returning items back to us, please pack them properly for shipping and insure the package for the value of the return shipment. We cannot credit you for merchandise lost or damaged in transit. Do not ship returns back COD.

Returns or Exchanges on JP Products Purchased from Another Source

We do not accept returns or exchanges of any JP product purchased from another source. You must contact them to discuss their return and refund policy. In some cases, we may be able to help with a simple exchange directly if you received the wrong version of an item. Contact us for further instructions in the case of an exchange.

Defective or Incorrect Merchandise

If you received incorrect or defective merchandise, please contact us at 651-426-9196 or email us at to discuss the problem, and we will issue a UPS pickup for the merchandise. We will reship any replacement items at our expense or refund you in full for incorrect or defective merchandise you have received. If something is not what you expected, let us know and we’ll do everything possible to satisfy you. Please include a copy of your sales receipt. Do not send returns back COD.

Return/Exchange of Optics

We will accept returns of optics for exchange or refund up to 30 days from date of sale if you decide that some other optic is better suited for your purposes.  You must call for a return authorization number and the product must be new in box, unopened (cellophane still on the box if part of the original packaging). 

Warrantee Service on Optics with Manufacture Related Defects

We only sell high quality optics warranted by the original manufacturers.  Once a scope has been opened, mounted or used in any fashion, repair or replacement for warranty related defects will be handled by the manufacture, not JP Enterprises, Inc.  The manufacturers represented on our website offer quick and efficient warrantee service and it is actually faster for you to deal direct with them rather than sending it to us and having us send the scope in for service.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but this policy is standard throughout the industry. 

Order Cancellations

Cancellation of special order merchandise or custom guns will be subject to a 15% handling fee to be deducted from the deposit refund.

Ordering Optics

Due to the high rate of fraudulent purchases of high-priced scopes online using stolen credit cards, we have put into effect the following security measure procedures regarding such online sales:

Contract Procurement

If you are involved in contract procurement, we will quote any of our components for military sales and provide drop ship service as needed. However, we will only provide a quote if you have already established payment terms or have approved credit. No quotes will be made without an established account. Be aware that JP components such as the JPoint are proprietary and not available through other sources, and substitutes will not be accepted as we have established accepted performance criteria with military users. Bidding on orders for JP components without first establishing terms could result in your default on the contract if you should win a bid.

Unless you have proof of established high-dollar credit with other venders and a perfect track record of prompt payment, we will not offer terms on military orders. Payment will be on a performa basis only, and payment will have to be received before shipment.

Prior to shipment, we will email copies of the documentation for your final approval on the billing address, shipping address, contract numbers and any other critical information regarding the shipment and receipt of the order. Upon your final approval, the order will be shipped. If you are on open account, you will be liable for payment in full as to the terms of your account, regardless of extraneous problems experienced by the recipient not the fault of JP.


For retail sales, we offer discounts to active law enforcement and military personnel. We intend no disrespect to the service and contributions of others who do not fall into these categories.


We make our living building some of the most accurate rifles in the industry. Every rifle we produce is capable of sub-MOA accuracy, but performance is dependent upon shooter skill, optics setup, environment, maintenance and especially ammunition.

Gas-operated rifles are more temperamental about ammunition and technique than bolt guns. Certain rifles simply don't like particular loads, and it's no reflection on either the ammo or the rifle.

Little can be done to tune a rifle's tastes to a particular load, and we can't guarantee performance with specific ammunition. Our rifles will shoot many types of ammunition well, but be willing to try multiple loads to find the best performer.

Be aware that some loads can even vary in performance from one manufacturer's batch to the next. When you find ammo your rifle prefers, stock up.

For suggestions on ammo selection and reload, see our JP Loading Document.

Law Enforcement Agency Purchases

Law enforcement and government agencies may purchase firearms directly from JP Enterprises, Inc. Orders must be received on an official department purchase order or letterhead and must be accompanied by a Federal Excise Tax Exemption Certificate. A downloadable PDF of the exemption certificate is available here under TTB F 5600.35.

Thanks for Your Business !


Like sky diving, rock climbing and motor racing, the handling of firearms involves a certain amount of unavoidable risk.  Minimizing the risk is the job of the shooter.  If you are not the type of person that can accept the responsibility of your own actions, guns are not for you.

The use of any custom parts or modifications may void any warranty from the manufacturer of your firearm.

We strongly recommend that the safety and function of your modified firearms be checked by a qualified gunsmith.

No liability is expressed or implied for damage, injury or death resulting from the improper use or misuse of any JP firearms, JP components or firearms modified using JP components.

Remember the four commandments of firearms safety:

  1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
  2. Never sweep yourself or anyone else with the muzzle.
  3. Never place your finger in the trigger guard until you're ready to fire.
  4. Be sure that your backstop is safe.

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