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Stocks and Grips

ACE Tactical Skeletonized Butt Stock Assembly, ACE-ARFX

The ACE ARFX is a very light weight but strong butt stock assembly, including a removable rubber butt pad. It is one of our favorites, and thus has become the standard stock on all our CTR-02 and LRP-07 rifles.



The Ace SOCOM stock features 5 length positions in 1/2" increments and a push button lock. We carry both the carbine short version which extends out to A1 length and the long version which extends from A1 length out another 2.5 inches. The shorty carbine version is shown below in retracted and extended condition. Without a doubt, the ACE SOMCOM stock is one of the most versatile stock systems as it can be instantly adjusted for length of pull to accommodate a large range of physical size on the part of the shooter or adjusted to improve your ability to shoot from compromised positions as is often the case in practical rifle competition or the real world. Again, a well made light weight but very strong stock system.

Magpul Precision Rifle Stock

This is a fully adjustable stock system for a precision rifle application with heavy duty detent adjustment wheels for comb height and length of pull. The stock is very well designed, high quality and very strong with reversible dual sling point attachments. It also features a covered 1913 rail at 6:00 for a quick detach monopod. A bit on the heavy side, but a truely outstanding butt stock. We highly recommend it. Available in black, OD green and dark earth. Also shown here, matching Magpul MIAD grip system which has interchangeable back straps to adjust length of pull.

Magpul CTR Stock

The Magpul CTR is a more traditional collapsing carbine stock that features a lock lever to prevent the annoying rattle with typical M4 stock systems. Another well engineered Magpul product.

ACE Stocks
ACE-ARFXACE Skeletonized Buttstock$85.45
Tactical Intent Stocks
TI7-BK-MSTactical Intent TI-7

Black Carbine Adjustable Buttstock for Mil-spec tube
Magpul Stocks, Grips and Accessories
MAG404Magpul MOE Fixed Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG310Magpul CTR Carbine Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG370Magpul ACS (Adaptable Carbine/Storage) Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG330The Magpul UBR (Utility / Battle Rifle) Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG307Magpul AR-15 Precision Stock
   Color Selectable
MAG520-BLKMagpul MIAD Grip
   Gen 1.1
MAG520-ODGMagpul MIAD Grip
   Gen. 1
   Olive Drab Green
MAG411Magpul AFG
   Angled Fore Grip Black
   Color Selectable
MAG412Magpul RVG™ Vertical Grip
   Color Selectable
MAG417Magpul MOE® Trigger Guard
   Color Selectable
VLTOR Stocks
VLTOR ACK-2SGVltor Collapsible Stock Kit, Standard, Green
(this product is a closeout item)
VLTOR ACK-2CGVltor Collapsible Stock, Clubfoot, Green
(this product is a closeout item)
VLTOR AEB-MGVltor EMOD Collapsible Stock Kit, Clubfoot, Green
(this product is a closeout item)
Grips and Stock Accessories
GG-113GoGun® SuperComp®
AR Gas Pedal®
JPABPJP Adjustable Butt Plate
   for Magpul PRS
SIG-PSBSigtac Pistol Brace for Pistol Buffer Tubes, Black$124.49
LPK-LTGLower parts kit for AR-15 excluding trigger, hammer and butt stock.$38.95
HPGJP Custom Logo Hogue Pistol Grip$16.95
DPPG-TGPanther™ tactical grip with palm rest$34.95
DPBS-20Butt Stock Extension Spacer$34.95

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