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Pro Posts

Pro Posts is where we're glad to bring you interesting and useful information about the shooting, training and the inner workings of your AR. JP founder John Paul joins our JP engineers, pro shooters and industry partners to bring you content that to inform and improve every aspect of your shooting life.

Current - Mastering Your Multi-Day Match Part 2

Current - How to Prep Your Cases



Mastering Your Multi-Day Match Part 1

You Can't Do Without Anti-Cant

JP Parts vs. JP Rifles

How to Talk to Your Gunsmith

Gas vs. Mass Regulation

How to Reload for Precision Shooting

Improving Your Benchrest Technique

How to Practice for Precision Shooting

How to Get Started in Precision Shooting

Winning Over Young Shooters

Tricks of Running Open Shotgun

JP Torture Test

History Lesson: MN 3-Gun

Getting More: 2-Point Slings

Back in the Day: Soldier of Fortune

Kelly Neal: Running Stealthy at Superstition Mountain

JPoint: Mounting Possibilities

Reconfiguring your SCS

Dutch IPSC Open Rifle Team: Drills for Your Rifle Skills

John Paul: Gas Gun Basics video series

Trapr Swonson: After Action: Precision 3-Gun

Bethany Harris: Running Your Red Dot Like a Pro (Part 2)

Bethany Harris: Running Your Red Dot Like a Pro (Part 1)

John Paul: JP Post Mortem pt.2: How Your Reloading Can Go Wrong


JP Engineering Team: JP Post Mortem pt.1

Kelly Neal: Keeping Your Feet at the Fallen Brethren

October 2015 - Tracy Barnes: Why Two Eyes Are Better Than One: Shooting with Both Eyes Open

September - Victor Gold: RM3G: What It Takes

August - John Paul: So You Want to Anneal Your Brass

July - Kevin Muramatsu: How to Blend a JP Comp

July - Victor Gold: How to Survive the MGM Ironman

June - Kevin Muramatsu: How a Faulty Receiver Can Ruin Your Trigger

June - John Paul: The Secret History of Offset Sights

May - Tracy Barnes: Avoiding the Malfunctions That Can Ruin Your Match

May - John Paul: High Pressure Ammo: Problems and Solutions

April - Tracy & Lanny Barnes: Shooting Performance is Weather Dependent

April - John Paul: The Secrets of Parallax

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