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Ready Rifle Program DMR Match Hunting All-Purpose Bench Tactical

Ready Rifle Program

Pre-Built JP Rifles Ready to Ship

The simple goal of the JP Ready Rifle Program is to put a top-of-the-line JP rifle or upper assembly in your hands as fast as we possibly can. After all, long lead times aren't what make our rifles so impressive; their proven results are. So why should you wait? If you have a match coming up, a hunting trip just around the corner or if you just want that new JP in your hands now, then we can make it happen.

Our Ready Rifles are several set configurations that represent our most popular rifle builds with purpose-driven selections to run the full gamut of sporting and duty needs. Every Ready Rifle is identical to our one-off custom builds. The only difference is that these rifles and uppers are ready now and will ship from JP within one week of final receipt of payment and FFL (if applicable). With expedited shipping, you could be less than a week away from your new JP rifle. Any JP Ready Rifle model can also be modified to comply with California law with no additional lead time.

In order to ensure immediate availability of these rifles and upper assemblies, no changes or substitutions are available to Ready Rifle configurations. Any modification will result in a longer lead time as a semi-custom configuration (see below) or as a unique build, which follows our standard ordering procedure and production schedule.


If you're the type of shooter who's a little more particular about his rifle (and a little more patient), we also offer all of our complete Ready Rifles as semi-customizable with variable trigger weight, stock and grip options. For CTR-02 and JP-15 models, you can even mix and match the upper and lower from any Ready Rifle model to find your perfect match. All semi-custom rifles are ready to ship from JP in just 7-10 days from receipt of payment and FFL. Complete stock and grip options are subject to models and quantities on hand.

Designated Marksman Rifles

These rifles are configured especially for longer ranges where higher muzzle velocity is key.

Designated Marksman Rifle
RRCTR02DMRCTR-02 DMR$2,609.00

Designated Marksman Rifle Upper Assembies
RRCTR02DMR-UACTR-02 DMR Upper Assembly$1,579.00

Semi-Custom Ready Rifles
CTR-02 DMR Semi-Custom CTR-02 DMR Base price: $2609.00
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Match Ready Rifles

These rifles are configured especially for competition use where a delicate blend of short- and long-range accuracy is vital.

Match Ready Rifles
RRJP15MRRJP-15 MRR$2,044.00
RRCTR02MRRCTR-02 MRR$2,544.00

Match Ready Upper Assemblies
RRJP15MRR-UAJP-15 MRR Upper Assembly$1,314.00
RRCTR02MRR-UACTR-02 MRR Upper Assembly$1,529.00

Semi-Custom Ready Rifles
CTR-02 MRR Semi-Custom CTR-02 MRR Base price: $2559.00
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JP-15 MRR Semi-Custom JP-15 MRR Base price: $2059.00
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Hunting Ready Rifles

Meant to withstand long trips in the wilderness, this rifle brings the knockdown power to score the wild game you've worked hard for.

Hunting Ready Rifle
LRP07HRRLRP-07 HRR$3,399.00

All-Purpose Ready Rifles

Featuring a mid-range barrel, this JP-15 configuration is highly mobile, widely versatile and well-suited to multiple applications.

All-Purpose Ready Rifle
RRJP15ARRJP-15 ARR$2,094.00

All-Purpose Upper Assemblies
JP-15ARR-UAJP-15 ARR Upper Assembly$1,379.00

Semi-Custom Ready Rifles
JP-15 ARR Semi-Custom JP-15 ARR Base price: $2104.00
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Bench Ready Rifles

With its longer barrel for increased velocity, this specialized LRP-07 configuration is at its ideal best when it comes to long-range accuracy.

Bench Ready Rifles
LRP07BRRLRP-07 BRR$3,774.00

Tactical Ready Rifles

With a pre-selected collapsible stock, Full Mass Operating System (FMOS™) and RC Hand Guard for quick and easy accessory mounting, a JP Tactical Ready Rifle is the best fit for the shooter interested in home defense, training or even 3-gun competition.

Tactical Ready Rifles
RRJP15ORRC-16JP-15 ORRC 16$1,699.00
RRJP15ORRC-18JP-15 ORRC 18$1,699.00
RRJP15TRRJP-15 TRR$2,079.00

Tactical Ready Upper Assemblies
RRJP15ORRC-16-UAJP-15 ORRC 16 Upper Assembly$1,049.00
RRJP15ORRC-18-UAJP-15 ORRC 18 Upper Assembly$1,049.00
RRJP15TRR-UAJP-15 TRR Upper Assembly$1,349.00