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Cleaning Rod Guides | Case Gauges | Vise Clamps | Maintenance Kits

JP Cleaning Rod Guides

The JP Cleaning Rod Guide is, without a doubt, the highest quality tool of its type. No cheap piece of plastic, this is a lathe-turned piece of aircraft-grade, color-anodized aluminum some might call ridiculously overbuilt but never inadequate. Heavy-duty O-rings center and retain the guide in the upper receiver allowing you to easily clean through it while preventing any incidental damage to the chamber, throat and crown of your expensive rifle. Our updated design also features a solvent hole located at the ejection port for ease of cleaning. A perennial best-seller, use a JP Cleaning Rod Guide once, and you will never clean again without it.

JP Cleaning Rod Guides
JPRG-1JP Cleaning Rod Guide for .223 AR15-type rifles. $38.95
JPRG-2JP Cleaning Rod Guide for JP LRP-07, Armalite AR10, Knights SR-25 or DPMS .308 rifles.$42.95

JP Case Gauges

Any rifle with a tight chamber is going to suffer with out-of-spec ammunition, and most operational failures in self-loading rifles can be traced back to this problem. If you're a reloader, you know this better than most. Unlike other gauges available, the precision JP Case Gauge is cut with an actual match chamber finish reamer so it not only checks head space but also case diameter relative to typical match-grade chambers and min/max case length on top of that. What's more, the fact is that most other gauges indicate minimum and maximum case headspace as defined by SAAMI, which still allows for a possible interference between a maximum-sized cartridge and a minimum allowable chamber. While this would not be an issue in a bolt gun, it will bring everything to a stop in a self-loader. Our gauge insures that the maximum cartridge indicated by the gage is still within the minimum SAAMI allowable chamber. In other words, if your ammunition passes our gauge, it absolutely will fit the chamber. It's the only sure way to know that your ammo is compatible.

JP Case Gauges
JPCG-308JP Chamber Case Gauge, .308$29.95
JPCG-223JP Chamber Case Gauge, .223$29.95

JP Vise Clamps

Developed and used for years in our own custom shop, JP Vise Clamps are the ideal tool for component installations on both large and small-frame flat-top upper receivers, particularly during high-stress installations like barrels and hand guards. Precisely cut chambers accommodate the front pivot pin lugs of any upper receiver, and unlike most of our aluminum components, the JP Vise Clamps are not hard coat anodized but rather undergo a softer, cosmetic anodizing that will not scratch the finish of your receivers. Magnetic inserts also ensure retention of these jaws in your vise.

JP Vise Clamps
JPVCJP Universal Vise Clamps$79.95

Maintenance Kits

JP Maintenance Kits
JP223MK.223 Maintenance Kit$54.95
JP308MK.308 Maintenance Kit$60.95
JP223MK-DELUXE.223 Deluxe Maintenance Kit$135.00
JP308MK-DELUXE.308 Deluxe Maintenance Kit$141.00

Other Maintenance Kits
PS-30-TACPro-Shot Tactical Cleaning Kit
.30 CAL/.308 Kit (Coyote)
PS-COY-AR223Pro-Shot Tactical Cleaning Kit
.223 CAL/5.56 Kit (Coyote)

Useful Maintenance Items
JPFRKIT-308JP Field Repair Kit, .308$99.95

Cleaning Patches: .22-.270 CAL. 1-1/8"Sq. 1000CT


Cleaning Patches: 6-7mm 1-3/8"Sq. 1000 Ct


Total Fouling Removal Kit

CHFLGChamber flag$1.99
CHBR223AR-15 Chamber Brush$2.95
CHBR308.308 Chamber Brush$5.95

Lubes and Bore Compounds
LP-250Armite L-P 250 Sear Grease$4.95
JBBC.25JB Bore Compound, 1/4 oz. $4.99
FP-10-1FP-10 high performance CLP lubricant, 1 oz$2.50
FP-10-4FP-10 high performance CLP lubricant, 4 oz$4.99