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Important JP Product Safety Notices and Recalls

Colt’s manufacturing has made several versions of their lower receivers and you must determine which one you have before purchasing/installing the JPFCP-EZ kit.

First, measure the pins in your Colt lower to determine if they are .154 or the .169 in diameter. Only .169 pins will be compatible with the JPFCP-2EZ kit. Use the JPFCP-1EZ kit for a receiver with .154 pins.

Second, verify that your lower receiver has the machined-in wall feature used in newer Colts and not the pinned-in full auto sear block common to older Colt models. If your receiver has the pinned-in block, the JP EZ Trigger will not be compatible (see below). If this is the case, then please contact us directly to either purchase our discontinued JPFCP-2 kit or arrange to have the kit professionally installed by our gunsmiths and returned shipped for $220 with a one-week turn around.

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Not Compatible
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PDF - Ammunition Notice

JP LRP-07™ rifles chambered in 7.62x51 are designed to function with SAAMI spec. commercial-grade factory .308 Winchester ammunition. We recognize that many avid shooters reload for their rifles, and carefully assembled hand loads should function when appropriate component combinations are used and brass is properly sized and gauged. However, we will not warrantee damage caused by hand-loaded ammunition that is not compatible with the rifle.

We do not recommend the use of surplus military ammunition due to the considerable variation from manufacturer to manufacturer, lot to lot, year to year, and from the components used and the processes in manufacturing. In some cases, surplus ammo has been mass tumbled to clean the years of tarnish off the cases, which actually causes the powder to break down. This drastically changes the burn rate of the propellant and the subsequent internal ballistic characteristics of the load, leading to the potential for extreme pressures.

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