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JP-15™ Ladies Ultralight Ready Rifle

Having a rifle that's too heavy and bulky is a real quick way to suck the fun out of shooting. That can be a particularly nasty stumbling block for new lady shooters. So, for this special configuration of our Ultralight JP-15™, we took the input of some of our own great lady team shooters.

Light and easy to shoot, carry, and manuever, this configuration makes fun rifle shooting not just fun, but inevitable. Plus, threw on an eye-catching black/silver/purple color scheme exclusive to this edition.

Upper Receiver:Forged 7075 T6, JP-15
Lower Receiver:Forged 7075 T6, JP-15
Receiver Finish:Matte Black
Barrel:14.5" Ultralight contour .223 Wylde JP Supermatch™ barrel, 1:8" twist, Thermo-Fit™ installation
Thermal Dissipator:Purple JPTD-500S
Muzzle Treatment:Titanium 3-Port Comp
Barrel/Comp Finish:Polished
Hand Guard:Rifle length (12.5") MK III RC, Black
Bolt & Carrier:JPBC-3SP Polished Stainless LMOS™ with JP EnhancedBolt™
Operating System:JPSCS2-15
Fire Control:Standard - Enhanced Reliability 3.5-4 lbs
Buttstock:Mission First Tactical BATTLELINK Minimalist
Weight:5.6 lbs
Accessories:Purple Hand Guard Brace, purple selector levers, QD sling swivel, JP accessory pack

All NFA Rules Apply

This item cannot be ordered online. Please call (651) 426-9196 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST to place order.

Cannot ship to CT, MA, MD, NJ and NY. This rifle can be ordered in a featureless rifle configuration that is legal in California.

Price: $2,399.00