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MicroFit™ Front Pivot Pin
Large Frame (.308)

Cure what ails your ill-fitting receiver set or just spruce them up with high-quality new look.

This front pivot pin will fit any standard large-frame receiver set. Select your pin size at right. In some cases, mixing and matching sizes of pins will provide the best fit for your receivers.

In general, oversized pins will remove much if not all of the slack in a loose receiver set while undersized pins will help with easier takedown of overly tight receivers like those with excess finish buildup.

To gauge the pin fit for your third-party receivers, you can use standard takedown pins or gauge pins. For the AR-10, standard pins are roughly equivalent to a .278 gauge pin. Oversized and undersized MicroFit™ Pins are offset slightly more than .001 larger or smaller.

Compatible with DPMS LR-308 style large-frame rifles only.

Return Policy:

Because test fitting of takedown pins is likely to produce wear marks, we cannot accept returns on MicroFit™ Takedown Pins.


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Price: $15.00