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MicroFit™ Takedown Pin Set
Small Frame (.223)

Cure what ails your ill-fitting receiver set or just spruce them up with high-quality new look.

This set of MicroFit™ Takedown Pins includes both the front pivot pin and rear takedown pin for a small-frame receiver set. Select your pin size at right. Oversized pins will remove much if not all of the slack in a loose receiver set while undersized pins will help with easier takedown of overly tight receivers like those with excess finish buildup.

To gauge the pin fit for your third-party receivers, you can use standard takedown pins or gauge pins. For the AR-15, Mil-spec pins are roughly equivalent to a .248 gauge pin. Oversized and undersized MicroFit™ Pins are offset slightly over .001 larger or smaller.

Return Policy:

Because test fitting of takedown pins is likely to produce wear marks, we cannot accept returns on MicroFit™ Takedown Pins.

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Price: $28.00