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JP Thermal Dissipator™
Heat Sink for JP .650" Contour Barrels - Long

6061 aluminum, 8.375" length, set of two halves with hardware

Weight: 6.8 oz.

Presentation Grade Finish

Any Thermal Dissipator is available with our premium Presentation Grade Finish option. As with our full rifle PGF, the top layer of anodizing is hand-polished off to leave the tops of the fins with a brilliant, eye-catching sheen under the hand guard.

The Orange Fade color option is made to order, and will according to our current Cerakote production schedule.


Note that the JP Thermal Dissipator™ is designed specifically as a JP Supermatch™ barrel accessory and will not fit other barrels unless they have a matching contour and interface length. Most non-JP barrels will need to be re-contoured to incorporate the JP Thermal Dissipator™.

For a .pdf showing the critical dimensions, click here.


Presentation Grade Finish:

Price: $85.00