Speed Hammer

.169 Colt Large Pin

The JP Speed Hammer is the perfect high-performance compliment for our trigger system. This low mass hammer gives a 50% reduction in lock time for improved accuracy and ignition reliability.

Hammer fired ignition systems are notorious for slow lock time.  What's more, the torque effect of the hammer accelerating through its arc is transmitted through the whole rifle. Try dry firing your rifle as you look at a 100-yard target and see how far the scope moves off point-of-aim. The JP Speed Hammer minimizes this effect for a significant improvement in accuracy potential.

Lower mass translates to a faster swing. This hammer is so fast you can hear the difference when you dry fire. It's as close as you can come to the lock time and torque free function of a linear striker system in this type of mechanism.

Package includes hammer, D-clip for use with standard grooved trigger pins and instructions.


The JP Speed Hammer is compatible only with JP fire control components and may not function reliably with standard AR-15 trigger parts.

Product Instructions

Price: $59.95