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PSC-17™ Upper Receiver Assembly

   9mm PCC

The debut of our Glock magazine GMR-15™ lower receiver felt incomplete without a top-notch new billet upper to go with it. Hence, the PSC-17™. Expanding our popular PSC dual-charging receiver line, the PSC-17™ incorporates both top- and side-charging systems with a slimmed-down design to reduce overall weight. An exaggerated brass deflector and minimized ejection port make this the ideal choice for a stellar PCC build.

Note: The PSC-17™ is compatible with any 9mm lower receiver that will accept a standard Mil-spec upper receiver, but JP cannot guarantee function with any specific lower (other than our own GMR-13/15). It is the end user's responsibility to verify final compatibility.

Notice on Fitment

While we can ensure fitment on matched receiver sets, slight variations in manufacturing tolerances, metal finishing and coatings make final fitment between one of our upper receivers and your own impossible to guaranty.


Bolt Assembly:

Top Charge Handle:

Side Charge Handle:

Price: $835.00