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JPoint™ Micro-electronic Reflex Sight
65 MOA circle around 1 MOA dot

The Circle Dot reticle JPoint™ offers a larger ring to aid in faster target acquisition than the 4 MOA model while offering a smaller central dot for precision aiming at longer ranges. This ring size corresponds to the height over bore for very close range (point-blank) fire.

The is optimized for rifle and shotgun mounting and may not be a good fit for pistol use depending on your shooting style. Many pistol shooters will find that the outer circle is too large to be useful when held at arm's length.

Includes sight, sight cover, dial with 1.5mm wrench, CR2032 battery and instructional manual.


The JPoint™ is compatible with plate 04 of the Glock MOS system. A pair of M4x0.7 screws is required for attachment.

The screw length is non-standard, and screws will need to be shortened to fit. A 10mm screw can be trimmed to fit: M4 x 0.7 x 10mm (diameter x pitch x length)

Product Instructions

Price: $299.95