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Arca-Swiss Adapter for AR Hand Guards

There are few sports more dynamic and rapidly evolving than precision rifle. That drive for even a sliver of competitive edge is what carried the Arca-Swiss Quick Release System from the photography into the shooting world. This system allows for infinite adjustability on the fly for bipod and tripod adapters, surpassing standard Picatinny-style attachments.

This 10" adapter mounts directly to the 6:00 position on any of our Rifle-length or XL JP MK III Hand Guards with the supplied 10-32 screws. The V-block shape will also mate well to many other hand guard brands with alternate hardware.

  1. Easy on-the-fly attachment and adjustment of popular Arca-Swiss bipod and tripod systems
  2. V-bloc design provides easy compatibility with JP MK III and non-JP hand guards
  3. Used alone, adapter provides stable platform for supported shooting positions and eliminates rotation caused by round hand guards
  4. Sturdy 6061-TG aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  5. Resilient Type III hard coat anodized finish

Price: $89.95