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This custom cut foam is designed to fit the contours of any JP gas gun, providing a snug, secure fit. Just select your rifle size from the menu at right.

This foam is specifically designed to fit the Pelican 1720 hard case requiring only slight modification to accommodate the case's wheel wells.

Size Selection:

This foam is available in one of three sizes:

  • Small Frame Carbine - JP-15/CTR-02/SCR-11/PSC-11/GMR-13/GMR-15 with barrel of 16" or shorter (not including compensator)
  • Small Frame Rifle* - JP-15/CTR-02/SCR-11/PSC-11/GMR-13/GMR-15 with barrel of 16" or longer (not including compensator)
  • Large Frame* - Any LTC-19, LRP-07, LRI-20, PSC-12 or PSC-19

* - The foam for these rifles require the rifle to be broken down into upper and lower assemblies.


  • Premium, high-density foam for safe and secure retention of your rifle
  • Custom cuts to accommodate most any JP rifle and accessories
  • Ample space for custom optic cutouts of any size
  • Two large, open cavities for accessories and tools
  • Perfect fit for the popular Pelican 1720 hard case


Price: $69.95