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JP Adjustable/Reversible Selector

The JP adjustable, reversible selector can be used to eliminate the safety fitting process for most any Mil-spec or aftermarket fire control components. This ambi kit includes the safety drum, hardware and choice of two levers.


This safety selector is designed to allow perfect safety fitment with most any AR fire control components. It assumes a trigger design somewhat similar to a Mil-spec design and so may not work with triggers that deviate radically from such designs. Known incompatibilities include Geissele triggers, which cannot achieve enough trigger travel to release the hammer.

Replacing any original JP fire control components with non-JP components may render the JP adjustable safety nonfunctional by allowing the rifle to fire on safe. For example, some two-stage triggers will not interface with the JP adjustable safety, which will not fully block the trigger in the safe position and allow the trigger to function even with the safety engaged. If you install a non-JP trigger system in the JP adjustable safety, it is imperative to verify its function.

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Price: $72.95