JP Double Crush Washer
.750 OD

We've been installing comps with crush washers since the debut of the original Recoil Eliminator. Every one has been a pain to work with and little better than a "necessary evil." There had to be a better way.

Our Double Crush Washers are the way forward. Thanks to a JP original design and careful metallurgy, your next comp installation can be quick and painless. These washers auto-center and provide smooth, consistent crush without struggle. Each is good for close to 1 1/2 turns for just-right timing.

US Patent Number 100,041,753


  • Provides consistent torque level through entire rotation
  • Greater than one full turn after contact to time any muzzle device
  • Expand in crushing which prevents binding on threads for easy removal
  • Tight fit to OD of threads which helps center the part on the barrel
  • Superior cosmetics due to symmetry and flat profile after crushing
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Price: $3.99