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JP Barrel Vise Clamp for Muzzle Device Installation

Here we have another tool designed by our own gunsmiths to make their jobs easier. This new barrel vise clamp is the key to faster, simpler installations of compensators and suppressor adapters.

Especially useful to regular AR builders, this device allows a sturdy hold on both small- and large-frame barrel extensions. Time up your muzzle device perfectly without concern about over-crimping the receiver in your vise.

  1. Stable platform enables easy compensator timing, gas block installation and pin-and-welds
  2. Eliminates risk of upper receiver damage while clamping in vise
  3. Accepts both small- and large- frame barrel extensions
  4. Three index pin slots for multiple convenient orientations
  5. Medium treat alloy steel is both stronger but softer than extension pieces to ensure a solid hold without chance of damage

Price: $99.95