JP Enhanced 9mm AR Bolt

Machined to the same exacting tolerances as our bolt carriers, this second generation 9mm bolt assembly is an entirely new design that eliminates the need for a central mass (slug) to readily function with our 9mm JP Silent Captured Spring without compromising bolt weight and reliability. In fact, when combined with our JP Silent Captured Spring, you have the heaviest, most reliable 9mm operating system that dramatically reduces bolt bounce while improving accuracy.

The complete JP 9mm operating system is slightly heavier than the complete RRA bolt and buffer, some of the bolt mass having been transferred to the SCS in our system.

In addition to use with our full-stroke Silent Captured Spring, this revision is now compatible with our line of short-stroke Silent Captured Springs. This bolt assembly will provide reliable last-round lockback with any compatible receiver such as our GMR-15™.


  1. Reduced stroke length for faster firing impulse
  2. Designed for optimal function with JP Silent Captured Springs for a heavier operating system that reduces bolt bounce while improving reliability and accuracy
  3. Tighter firing pin channel to reduce pin wear
  4. High-energy tumble process offers a finer cosmetic finish

Silent Captured Spring Selection

  1. JPSCS2-9SS-5 - Short-stroke (5 steel)
  2. JPSCS2-9-5H2 - Standard stroke enhanced (2 tungsten, 3 steel)
  3. JPSCS2-9SS-5H2 - Short-stroke heavy (2 tungsten, 3 steel)


The JP 9mm bolt assembly is not compatible with Colt SMG-style lowers and magazines.

The bolt assembly is also compatible with our JP side-charging uppers.

The Gen 2 9mm SCS requires an open channel in your 9mm bolt assembly for the guide rod to pass during fire. For most bolts, this will require you to remove the pinned-in central mass. To function with the SCS, this central mass must be removable, and the bolt must still be at its full length without it. Refer to the instructions link below for more.


Silent Captured Spring:

Price: $426.95