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JP Ambi Mag. Catch

Ambi controls are becoming a vital component of the AR design, especially for duty use where multiple operators must be accounted for. The JP Ambi Mag. Catch is a simple, drop-in component offering identical, reliable function to a Mil-spec mag. catch for right-handed shooters. For lefties or single-hand reloads, an easy-to-access paddle provides opposite-side access while keeping a low profile to avoid snags. The end result is superior versatility with no sacrifice to reliability.


  • Opens ambidextrous reloading function via easy-to-access right-side paddle actuator
  • Simple drop-in installation
  • Compatible with all standard design AR-15 and AR-10 receivers, such as the LR-308
  • Sturdy alloy steel construction
  • Durable nitride finish

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Price: $89.95