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The Bushnell 84005 Tactical Tripod Kit is a complete setup for steadying your aim, combining the mobility of a shooting stick with the stability of a bench rest. This image total shooting solution includes a sturdy, rugged Bushnell tripod, made for holding military grade rifles, as well as the following components:

Bushnell 84001 Tripod
Bushnell 84002 Carrying Bag
Bushnell 84003 Tripod Head
Bushnell E-202 V-Yoke
Bushnell E-203 Tactical Rail Clamp
Bushnell 84006 Tripod Shoe

The Bushnell Tactical Tripod System lets you lock your weapon on target at any angle, from any shooting position. You can use this shooting tripod with equal ease whether you are standing, laying prone, or any point in-between. The Tripod Head is a ball head with ambidextrous grip action, which can pan a full 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees in any direction; the head includes a precision-engineered locking system to prevent weapon creep and keep you on target at any angle. The Bushnell 84005 Tripod Kit includes three different mount options, with a quick-attach tactical rail interface, a padded, adjustable V-yoke and extra head shoe for use with other equipment. Get locked on target with this dependable tactical tripod kit from Bushnell!

Price: $799.00