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Product Instructions

JP Tactical Compensators

JPTRE-21/2"-28 TPI
JPTRE-39/16"-28 TPI
JPTRE-3245/8"-24 TPI
JPTRE-4S5/8"-28 TPI
JPTRE-4121/2"-28 TPI
JPTRE-5.121/2"-28 TPI Large Contour
JPTRE-5.585/8"-24 TPI Large Contour
JP-JNJam Nuts, Crush Washers and Peel Washers
JPTRE-2361/2"-36 TPI (9mm)
JPFHJP Flash Hider
JPTC-5561/2"-28 TPI Tactical
JPTC-9MM1/2"-36 TPI (9mm) Tactical
JPTRE3 (.750 OD)Competition Series (.750 OD models)
JPTRE3 (.875 OD)Competition Series (.875 OD models)

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