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Product Instructions

JPoint Sights

JPOINTJPoint Sight
JPA-11Mount for Standard 1911
JPA-415Mount for S&W Model 41 5.5"
JPA-417Mount for S&W Model 41 7.5"
JPA-52Mount for S&W Model 52
JPA-BMMount for Melt-In Bomar Sight Cut
JPA-CZFMount for CZ or Witness Fixed Sight
JPA-DRTAMount for Doctor Sight on a Standard
Trijicon ACOG
JPA-GMount for Glock Standard Fixed Sight Cut
JPA-GCMount for Colt Gold Cup Eliason Sight Cut
JPA-HKMount for HK USP
JPA-HPMount for Browning Hi-Power Fixed Sight
JPA-KAMount for Melt-In LPA/Kimber Factory Sight
JPA-KFMount for Kimber Fixed Sight
JPA-LPAMount for Melt-In LPA/Kimber Factory Sight
JPA-NVMount for Novak Sight Cut
JPA-R22Mount for Ruger MK II Series Pistol
JPA-RPMount for Ruger P Series Centerfire Pistol
JPA-SGMount for Melt-In Shotgun Rib
JPA-SHIM1° Shim Piece
JPA-SM1Mount for Secondary Scope-Top Sight (Glue)
JPA-SMCMount for Secondary Scope-Top Sight (Clamp)
JPA-SWRMount for S&W Revolver
JPA-TANSNMount for Trijicon NSN ACOG
JPA-WSSMount for EAS Witness Super Sight
JPA-XDMount for Springfield Armory XD Series Pistol
JPA-MBMatt Burkett Offset Mini Red Dot Mount
JPA-MPMount for S&W M&P
JPA-CPGMIL-STD-1913 rail mount for Mini Red Dot
JPA-RAILJPoint Mount Adapter for Mounting on A3-type AR-15 Flat-top Receivers
JPA-RRMount for Ruger revolver (factory drilled and tapped)
JPA-GUARDGuard Wings for JPoint Mounts

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