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What Our Customers Think

Good afternoon, I just got home from the range and the rifle shot as well as everyone says it is supposed to. I am now really happy and relieved as well. I Started with the new Trijicon 2.5-10x with BOBRO quick detach mount and in ten or twelve shots I was locked in and shooting nice three shot "cloverleafs" with factory Hornady 55 grain rounds. Then I switched over to the old (origina...

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I wanted to let you know that the PSC-11 upper arrived last week and it is already up and running fantastic! I hit on a sweet load right off the bat; the 77gr SMK 24.5gr Varget goes at 2650fps. It shoots one hole groups consistently at 100yds and 10 shots went inside an IPSC paster at 200yds.

Yesterday, my friend and I shot the LRP-07 260 and the PSC-11 out to 700yds and both rifl...

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Installed the EZ Trigger in my Colt rifle yesterday. Please accept
my thanks for a well designed and manufactured product. I had to return a
competitor's product as it wouldn't fit the Colt due to the integral
aluminum web auto sear block. The EZ Trigger fit and was easy to adjust in
accordance with J.P. Enterprise's clear instructions. That brass pin gui...

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