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What Our Customers Think

Hi Dustin- First day shooting my custom ordered JP dream rifles. Thank you for the outstanding service. Please pass along my thanks to John & everyone else.

I was at a friend's farm which was nice since I had the place to myself. Pentax red dot on the 9mm, slapping 6" steel plates spaced 5' apart at 25 yards was too easy. Fantastic!

The grass was ...

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Just got back from Wyoming....shot roughly 1300 times in 2 days. This was the longest confirmed, which is a new personal record. The JP Rifle exceeded my wildest expectations. Shot over 30 dogs out beyond 600 yards....many out beyond 800. Anything inside of 500 yards did not have a chance. Had one group of decent sized dogs at 605 - 625 yards.....killed all 5 with 7 shots. The wind was fairl...

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This barrel is amazing! I have 130 rds through it now 52 gr and 55 gr bullets at this point I had to send the pic of the 52 grain load The 55 gr is doing 1/4 to 3/8 at 100 yds also This is the easiest barrel I have loaded for - seems to like everything

This project was to build an ar that was as accurate as my bolt guns--Thanks to you, we have - Thank you

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