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What Our Customers Think

Wow the large profile compensator made my new Ruger SR-762 reasonable to shoot. It drastically reduced the recoil. Bravo!
I have been using JP parts for over 10 years now. While looking at your website, I saw something that I would like to thank JP Rifles for. The "Got your back" program is totally awesome. I was unaware of this program and have not heard of anyone else doing anything like it. Kudos to you guys for it. I work for a small department (17 guys from Chief down) and over half of us run our ...

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Having served in the military's ordnance field for 20 years, I studied the science of reducing recoil. We read about and witnessed what the Germans and Russians used in the way of muzzle brakes and recoil reducers. Your brake has its roots in this science. Since I first wrote to your company, I have fired 50 rounds of 220 grain bullets moving at 3,300 FPS. This load would bring tears to th...

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