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What Our Customers Think

Like always, thank you very much for such a quick response. Y'all make some amazing guns but I'm not so sure your customer service is even better. My family owns a BMW dealership. I've dealt with every kind of company you can imagine, including nearly every major gun and optic company. JP enterprises is with out a doubt in my top companies I have ever dealt with.
I got the red dot back from you guys and it works perfectly now. I have dealt with a lot of different gun companies and good customer service is hard to come by, but you guys have the best customer service I have had so far. Thank you!
Got my JP LRP-07H last week and got to take it to the range this weekend and WOW!!!

After only being able to handle, inspect and stare at the rifle for a few days—the fit and finish of the rifle is amazing—I was pretty excited to hit the range. Man, this rifle more than lives up to every expectation I had! Handles almost as easily as my AR15s and the recoil is ridiculously light ...

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