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What Our Customers Think

I'm not going tell you how great the gun is or how happy I am to have it back. You already know that. I'm not going send you any tight groups or brag about how accurate it is. You all know what they are capable of.

However, I am going to say thank you for taking care of me. My gun is just like it was. Some of the most outstanding people I've ever had the pleasure o...

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Like always, thank you very much for such a quick response. Y'all make some amazing guns but I'm not so sure your customer service is even better. My family owns a BMW dealership. I've dealt with every kind of company you can imagine, including nearly every major gun and optic company. JP enterprises is with out a doubt in my top companies I have ever dealt with.
I got the red dot back from you guys and it works perfectly now. I have dealt with a lot of different gun companies and good customer service is hard to come by, but you guys have the best customer service I have had so far. Thank you!

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