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What Our Customers Think

My son gave me a 22" 6.5 Grendel Supermatch™ barrel from you as a present this fall. I built out the upper including your low profile adjustable gas block and compensator. I had previously installed one of your triggers in the lower. I have not shot it a lot yet, but was able to get a .381" group at 100 yards after break in and scope sighting. I went ahead a used it for the Wis...

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Your barrel is a piece of art! The compensator fit is flawless, it looks like itís part of the barrel and the quality of the workmanship is some of the best Iíve seen. Thanks JP and I will be buying more of your products .
JP is a first-class company and it reflects in their communications. I just finished a 338 Lapua bolt gun and I installed a JP recoil eliminator. My customer shot 40-some rounds the first day out with it and he told me it shoots like a 308. Nice brake.

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