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What Our Customers Think

Thought I'd pass on to you how pleased I am with the LRP-07 in 308. Best group thus far 5 shots at 100 yards center to center is .485.
I want to express how extremely impressed I am with your customer service. The fact that the owner of the company sends a detailed email answering my questions is indicative of your passion and commitment to the people who buy your products.
My son gave me a 22” 6.5 Grendel Supermatch™ barrel from you as a present this fall. I built out the upper including your low profile adjustable gas block and compensator. I had previously installed one of your triggers in the lower. I have not shot it a lot yet, but was able to get a .381” group at 100 yards after break in and scope sighting. I went ahead a used it for the Wisconsin gun deer ...

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