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What Our Customers Think

I'd like to share some great news with you and the team at JP Enterprises... While at my local range on Saturday I fired a three shot group from 100 yards that measured .307" -.224" = .083". In fact, the range supervisor measured this group with his digital calibers then noted the measurements at the bottom of the target but he had miscalculated to a .173" (see bottom of f...

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Thanks again for all of your service and an amazing product!!! I'm really glad you recommended the 17.5 inch handguard. It sure makes a difference in the way she sets on the bench with that heavy barrel, and also I think in accuracy balance with the bipod out close to the end of the barrel

I got her put together this weekend and out to the range. I would say she's ready t...

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A serious athlete needs serious gear. In IPSC rifle that means a JP rifle, period.

From 2009 onwards, our JP rifles have consistently outperformed all competition in the Dutch market. Our JP rifles in .223 have never failed us in competition. They are highly accurate, easy to shoot fast en are 100% reliable, all of which are requisites for IPSC Rifle. At the ERC 2012in Bulgaria, th...

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