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I've just got back from a couple of days shooting in West Virginia to try out my new JP Grendel at 1000 yds and have to report back that the gun is a complete success. A friend suggested I stick with the 108 Scenar and use the maximum prescribed load of Ramshot Tac. Having broken the barrel in the week before I bore sighted the scope at 100 yds, and used JBM's online ballistic calculator to work o...

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Sorry for the late response. I am currently in Iraq, so I check email a lot less.
I have been a SOF Operator for 12 years now. I have been using the JPoint on my rifle scopes (my first was the ACOG TA-11) since 2000.

I have had a JPoint milled down into the slide of my Glock-30 (modified) & Glock-19 since 2003. I have used them all in the most difficult conditions, weathe...

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Wanted to share a quick story about your incredible JPoint. Attached your JPoint 8MOA to my Springfield XD subcompact 9mm using the XD adapter. Had not fired this pistol yet and had never used a JPoint aiming system. Wow, was I shocked to say the least. At the firing range I zeroed the JPoint in using the instruction manual and 15 shots. After that it held 1.25 inch groups from 15 yards using 115g...

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