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Sorry for the late response. I am currently in Iraq, so I check email a lot less.
I have been a SOF Operator for 12 years now. I have been using the JPoint on my rifle scopes (my first was the ACOG TA-11) since 2000.

I have had a JPoint milled down into the slide of my Glock-30 (modified) & Glock-19 since 2003. I have used them all in the most difficult conditions, weathe...

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Wanted to share a quick story about your incredible JPoint. Attached your JPoint 8MOA to my Springfield XD subcompact 9mm using the XD adapter. Had not fired this pistol yet and had never used a JPoint aiming system. Wow, was I shocked to say the least. At the firing range I zeroed the JPoint in using the instruction manual and 15 shots. After that it held 1.25 inch groups from 15 yards using 115g...

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One of our Sgt's is very thankful for the quality of your Glock magazine well. The Sgt. is one of our finest examples of fitness, strength and skill in Police work. During a night shift he ended up in a fight for his life with a very large and powerful individual. The two began battling for the Sgt's weapon. During the extended struggle the tactical light was stripped from the weapon. The Sgt. was...

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