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What Our Customers Think

Everyone I speak to says that your company makes the ultimate AR-15.

I'm fairly new to shooting. I plan on learning as much about your company as possible between now and purchasing my first JP AR-15. I will not spend time or money on intermediate rifles working my way up to your rifle. I drive a Lexus, I will shoot one as well.

My mind is pretty much made up on your ...

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I was extremely pleased with the phone support I received yesterday with your trigger springs. I am new to ARs and really appreciate the patience demonstrated by the technician as he talked be through proper alignment of the springs and pinning the trigger and hammer back into the rifle. With quality customer service you will continue to get my business and those of my friends. I went onto Brow...

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I just tried out the recoil springs you sent me. Going heavier was counter intuitive to me. On a pistol the recoil impulse is usually better with a lighter spring. Not so with the rifle. My 20" is smoother and seems to cycle faster. It locked back on the last round with lighter ammo just fine. Thank You! I'm using the standard weight bolt carrier with the light buffer. The sights track reli...

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