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What Our Customers Think

I just tried out the recoil springs you sent me. Going heavier was counter intuitive to me. On a pistol the recoil impulse is usually better with a lighter spring. Not so with the rifle. My 20" is smoother and seems to cycle faster. It locked back on the last round with lighter ammo just fine. Thank You! I'm using the standard weight bolt carrier with the light buffer. The sights track reli...

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I just wanted to drop you all a line on how your .204 Ruger barrel is working for me.

In 2 words LOVE IT!

The fit and finish are excellent. It was easy to install and it shoots the 32 gn Hornady factory V-Max in to 1 ragged hole, right out of the blocks with no load development. (I don't know if I could get any better results out of my handloads).

Your ...

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Hi John ,

I received my CTR02 and the extra 20'' iron sighted upper last week.

I just wanted to let know that they look and work great ,its the best investment i did in this sport in the last 25 years !


Patrick B.

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