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What Our Customers Think

Just wanted to forward this along, I've used the CTR-02 in the photo for the
entire 2009, 2010 deer hunting season. I was able to take down
7 whitetail bucks, all the shots were in the 150 to 200 yard range. I used
UltraMax 50 grbt rounds, 7 shots 7 kill. Thanks this rifle has been a
pleasure to hunt with.
Highslide JS
Here’s what happens when you take a JP rifle hunting in West Texas. This is the most accurate rifle I have ever owned and worth every penny.
Highslide JS
18” 6.5 Grendel.
Everyone I speak to says that your company makes the ultimate AR-15.

I'm fairly new to shooting. I plan on learning as much about your company as possible between now and purchasing my first JP AR-15. I will not spend time or money on intermediate rifles working my way up to your rifle. I drive a Lexus, I will shoot one as well.

My mind is pretty much made up on your ...

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