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One word for the LE loaner program...NICE!! If I was still on patrol, THAT would mean a lot to me. Way to go! I am going to forward that to LAW OFFICER Magazine for dissemination.

Stay safe!

Dave S.
Just a quick FYI. The school went well. There were seven of us in the school. Six guys had bolt guns and I had my LRP-07. I shot very consistent and had no problems getting consistent hits out to 1000 yards. That was as far as we shot for the class. Before the class started, a couple of the guys with bolt guns asked me, "why did you bring a semi auto to a sniper class? You're going to have a ...

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Thanks for the info, There's a lot of good stuff here, much of which I already new, but I am very interested in looking into Ramshot TAC powder in my .223 with 69 SMK's.

On another note I took my LRP-07 to the range and broke it in yesterday, I fired 3 rounds and cleaned, did this 5 times and then fired 10 rounds and cleaned, did this twice. After this I was able to achieve 1/4 m...

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