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What Our Customers Think

Thanks for the great customer service.

I'll be buying another J-Point Red Dot soon.

Thanks again,

The Real Team JP 2010-08-13
Just a line to says thanks again for all you do for law enforcement. We had a SWAT related shooting a couple of weeks ago with a JP rifle again. That's 2 in six months now. For what is it worth the hit percentage of both officers is 100% with the JP rifles. The last one was a sword wielding guy attacking the officer. The officer was able to fire four rounds and get four hits. This photo...

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Highslide JS
I recieved the LRP-07 about a month ago. I got the 22" match barrel with a 5 x 20 Horus Vison scope. It was just in time for a basic sniper class that I was taking. I have never shot a precision rifle but I was able to 3/4" at 100 yards on the first day. I had two groups at 1/2" and a few at 1 1/4" but that was me and not that gun.

There were six other guys ...

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