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What Our Customers Think

I just want to thank you all for exchanging this. A personal thanks to Eric for taking care of this. I would recommend JP to anybody because of your quality and customer service.

Ricky K.
I'd say that the rifle was a major part of my success. I am absolutely amazed with my rifle, particularly how well balanced it is with the low-mass bolt and buffer in managing the recoil. I found myself engaging close targets slow at first while anticipating the amount of time to recover from the recoil. As I took shot after shot, I progressively sped up as I realized that the recoil was v...

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The rifle was definitly part of my success. The rifle ran smooth, I was a little shocked at the speed of recovery in off hand shots. Long range, Just Awsome. Thank you to you and your staff for the opportunity to own one of your rifles, it is the finest I have ever shot.

Jay Schmitt

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